A top FBI scientist shares her compelling personal story and reveals astounding advances in “Rapid DNA” – the ability to match your DNA profile at your local police station in two hours or less. She also answers the question – “What does a devastating hurricane have to do with DNA research?”

Is Jason Bourne real? This episode delves deep into the FBI’s mission abroad – with international assignments in over 60 nations, foreign language and cultural training, and family repercussions. Travel overseas with a senior FBI agent who’s been there – done that.

FBI Crime Analyst Christine DePoyster reveals that her behavioral unit is working hundreds – yes hundreds – of unsolved murders along our nation’s highways. Let’s go deep into the FBI’s Highway Serial Killings Initiative, the victims, and the unknown truckers suspected of killing them.

Enter the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit where crime analyst Jacklyn Stanberry details the Violent Criminal Apprehension Program (ViCAP) and the challenge of identifying the remaining victims of serial killer Sam Little – who confessed to 93 murders.”