As a kid, Ace Atkins consumed the Spenser series of detective novels by Robert Parker. As an adult, Atkins has written ten of the Spenser novels, and is working on his 30th book. Atkins joins us from Oxford, MS., to talk about writing novels, true crime reporting, and why he was on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

Tracy Walder went from USC sorority sister to counterterrorism operative at the CIA, then FBI special agent, and now, a teacher and mother in Texas. She shares this unparalleled experience in her book, “The Unexpected Spy”, and now she shares it on The Bureau.

Acclaimed author Talia Carner shares the research and findings behind her book, “The Third Daughter”, revealing the little known truth of late 19th century sex trafficking of girls from Russia to South America.

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Talia Carner

Phil Ehr fought in the cold war. Now he’s formed America’s first information civil defense force – and he wants you to join him in the fight against misinformation and disinformation.

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Phil Ehr

In light of recent tragedies, it seems like the right time to replay this episode from season 1

We talk to the head of the FBI’s Behavioral Threat Assessment Center about lessons learned, and how to determine if someone you know is headed toward violence.

In this special edition, Frank Figliuzzi explains why last week’s reporting of a grand jury investigating 15 boxes of classified documents at Mar-A-Lago is bigger than you think.

Tasha Adams was married to Oath Keepers founder Steward Rhodes, now charged with Seditious Conspiracy for his role in the January 6 insurrection. Tasha reveals the reality of her allegedly abusive, narcissistic husband, as she attempts to divorce the man who commands his own private army. And, she offers her prediction on whether Rhodes will cooperate with the government.

Dr. Celia Wiliamson has devoted her life to the study of human trafficking and its victims. Importantly, she’s making a difference in the lives of victims on their long road from survivor to thriver. The director of the Human Trafficking and Social Justice Institute, and distinguished professor at the University of Toledo, joins to share her personal and professional journey.

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Dr. Celia Williamson

Inna Sovsun, is a Member of Ukraine’s Parliament, Deputy head of her party, and former First Deputy Minister of Education of Science. Most of all, she’s a mother, worried about her son. From her apartment in Kiev, Inna shares the horrors and hopes of Ukraine’s people.

The Brooklyn subway shooting is just another in a long list of mass shootings in America. While politicians are in a state of paralysis on guns, the rest of us can and must learn what we can do to stop the killing. Katherine Schweit is a retired FBI agent who created the FBI’s active shooter program after the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School. She joins us for a compelling conversation.

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