Frank Figliuzzi addresses what we know and don’t know about Saturday’s hostage taking at Beth Israel Synagogue in Colleysville, TX. Who is the hostage taker? Who is the prisoner he wanted released? What is the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team? And – what was Donald Trump doing at the precise moment the FBI was taking care of business??

MSNBC analyst Chuck Rosenberg joins Frank Figliuzzi for a very candid discussion of the current state of our country, the media, and the DOJ. Chuck shares insights from his career as a US Attorney, DOJ and FBI official, and as head of the DEA – a position he resigned from under Trump – now we learn why.

FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was fired by AG Jeff Sessions just 26 hours before his scheduled retirement. In this episode, McCabe, now a CNN contributor, speaks freely and candidly about his career, his termination, and his successful settlement with the Department of Justice that restored his pension, benefits, and just maybe – his faith in justice.

Scott MacFarlane, Investigative Reporter at NBC4, Washington, is the nation’s “go-to guy” for the deepest details on developments and defendants in the Jan 6 investigation. Now, MacFarlane reads the writing on the wall to reveal where this all might be headed.

FBI personnel experience the unimaginable under life and death stress. They have our backs, but who has theirs? Go inside the FBI’s Employee Assistance Program and learn how the Bureau takes care of its own.

Sit down with Dr. John Fox, official FBI historian to learn how the FBI learns from its past and preserves its values and culture.

FBI Agents are some of the bravest Americans in law enforcement. This week we find out how their Bureau honors their bravest.

Two of the FBI’s top firearms experts provide a rare glimpse into how the Bureau trains and equips its agents to be among the best deadly force decision-makers in law enforcement. Everything you wanted to know about the various guns agents carry, how weapons requirements are assessed and brands selected, and how the FBI trains its agents at the range.

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