From the disturbing revelations of the FBI’s handling of the USA Gymnastics case, to the questions surrounding Justice Kavanaugh’s background inquiry, to missed intelligence about January 6, to frequent success stories in high-profile cases, the public perception of the FBI is a daily roller-coaster ride.

The FBI’s Assistant Director for Public Affairs opens up, just days before his departure from the Bureau, to share the challenges of managing the public face of the FBI

Let’s suit up with the FBI’s SWAT teams as we talk with the Bureau’s special weapons and tactics program manager about the men and women called upon to do some of the highest-risk work in the FBI, including the elite Hostage Rescue Team.

There are hundreds of job roles in the FBI and most are not the gun and badge carrying kind. If you’ve ever wondered if the FBI has a place for you – listen to our discussion with a top recruiter.

An FBI expert shares his insights on how exposed our “personal” lives are online, and how to mitigate the risk of our own data being used against us.

Go inside the FBI’s canine training and deployment program with two of the Bureau’s “top dogs” who manage that effort. You’ll be fascinated with the latest developments, research, and capabilities of canine crime-solvers

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like for the FBI to navigate the jurisdictional issues associated with investigating crimes inside the sovereign nations within the United States, this episode is for you.

When it comes to the highest-profile crimes scenes in modern history, this FBI veteran Evidence Response Team supervisor has “been there, done that”. If you’re a fan of those CSI TV shows – this episode is for you.

The head of the famed FBI Academy in Quantico, VA takes us on a tour of the world’s premier law enforcement training center.