Why Tucker Carlson is blaming the FBI for the Capitol riot

Why Tucker Carlson is blaming the FBI for the Capitol riot
No, the “unindicted conspirators” in charging documents aren’t secret FBI agents.

The story from right-wing media and politicians about what happened on Jan. 6 has shifted over the months. First, it was leftists in antifa who rioted inside the Capitol and assaulted police officers. Then it was just a peaceful protest. Next, it was a typical group of tourists making their way through the halls of the Capitol.

But now, former President Donald Trump’s supporters have finally figured out who’s behind the events of Jan. 6 — the FBI. Tucker Carlson claimed as much on his Fox News disinformation platform on June 15, specifically that the FBI deployed operatives to orchestrate the whole thing in a false flag operation. Before we dismiss this as just another lunatic conspiracy theory (which it is) or condemn it as yet another damaging right-wing attack on our nation’s law enforcement (which it also is), let’s understand that there’s more here than meets the eye. There may be some method to this madness of make-believe.



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