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Former FBI assistant director for counterintelligence Frank Figliuzzi discusses how the facts laid out by the Jan. 6 committee are “looking increasingly like a criminal enterprise, Trump at the head, almost a capo of an organized crime family. People like Meadows, people like Giuliani, people like certain members of Congress carrying out the acts, getting […]

As a kid, Ace Atkins consumed the Spenser series of detective novels by Robert Parker. As an adult, Atkins has written ten of the Spenser novels, and is working on his 30th book. Atkins joins us from Oxford, MS., to talk about writing novels, true crime reporting, and why he was on the cover of […]

Mike Pence feared for his life on Jan. 6. Americans deserve to understand why. The Jan. 6 committee owes Americans clarification of exactly how realistic Mike Pence’s fear of Trump was during the hours of the insurrection. Forty feet. That’s the distance that separated Vice President Mike Pence from a violent angry mob at the U.S. Capitol […]

Former FBI Assistant Director for Counterintelligence Frank Figliuzzi and host of MSNBC’s “The Sunday Show” Jonathan Capehart weigh in on far-right extremists targeting the LGBTQ community following the arrest of 31 members of a white nationalist groups planning to riot at a Pride parade

Tracy Walder went from USC sorority sister to counterterrorism operative at the CIA, then FBI special agent, and now, a teacher and mother in Texas. She shares this unparalleled experience in her book, “The Unexpected Spy”, and now she shares it on The Bureau.

Katy Tur and Andrea Mitchell spoke with former FBI official Frank Figliuzzi, as well as Capitol Hill Correspondent Ali Vitali and Jan 6 committee member Adam Schiff, to talk about the Jan 6 hearings and if the DOJ should pursue investigating former President Donald Trump.

We were reminded today that the threat of the “big lie” penetrated into the personal lives — and even the lives of some family members — of officials who dared to act honestly regarding the 2020 election outcome. This includes Republican Al Schmidt, a former Philadelphia city commissioner, who testified today that he performed his […]″I think they’ve got the goods… There’s a lot there to unpack… Trump knows that the crowd is necessary to get the extremist groups inside the door, because either one of them alone, it’s not happening… They’re in concert”

Acclaimed author Talia Carner shares the research and findings behind her book, “The Third Daughter”, revealing the little known truth of late 19th century sex trafficking of girls from Russia to South America. Follow Frank’s Guest: Talia Carner Tweets by AuthorTalia